LittleCMDB (An Orchestrator and WaveMaker project) – Part 5

Table of Content

In Part1 we start with the SQL DB Plugin and create the required database for our need.

In Part2 we start with the development of our Workflow. We will start with a few elements.

In Part3 we  finish the  collection of the VM information.

In Part4 we insert our data into the database and test our created workflow

In Part5 we create our webview to get a look on our Data in the SQL Database

In Part6 we will make our Workflow smarter to update the DB with actual VM information

In Part7 problems with vAPP located virtual machines are fixed


After we have finished our Workflow, it is time to start with WaveMaker.

WaveMaker is Part of VMware. WaveMaker is a WYSIWYG Editor based on JavaScript & open source Web 2.0 standards

With WaveMaker, we will create a Website for a view of our database data. In this post, we will keep it simple and only generate the view. In a later post we will integrate the Website with the Orchestrator so that changes, which will be done, are played back to the Orchestrator and the vCenter Server. To start with WaveMaker, you need the WaveMaker Software. First of all, we have to get WaveMaker. You become WaveMaker on their Website there you can click on “Download”

There you can get the install package for your OS.

I use the Windows Version. The installation is easy. Just start the installation and the rest will done with the wizard.

After we are finished with the installation (don’t forget to install additional packages WaveMaker request!). We can start it.

For this view, you can start a new project, or start with the project I created here:

I will use my created project…you are free to do so or to start from scratch… use my project you have to download the package and unzip in in your WaveMaker “Project Folder” in My case that is C:\WaveMaker\projects Just insert the vCO_WM_LDAP folder and start WaveMaker. Then you are able to start from this point by clicking on “Open Project”.

When you have installed the newest WaveMaker Software you become an Upgrade Message for the package. That’s okay the project was created with an earlier version of WaveMaker….so go on…..

To save the download package I will clone and rename the project. For that go to “File” and “Copy current project”

Enter the new project name, in my case “LittleCMDB” and confirm the copy.

When the clone is ready close the current project.

And open the “LittleCMDB” project.

Before we can start with the development of our website, we have to create a “View” in our db. It is also possible to create the view in WaveMaker, but them we are not able to export the view back into the db. Here is a link witch explains how to create a LiveView in WaveMaker:

I will create my LiveView in my database. For that, I will start my Management Studio.

After the authentication, I drill down to my DB and there to the Views Folder.

With a “right click” there I can create a New View with fits my need.

In the opening windows select all tables you created in our DB. In my case that are “VM_Datastore”, “VM_Host”, “VM_Info” and “VM_Network”.

Know we have our Tables in the created view. Till know, there are no values chosen.

We will do so, by clicking the values we want integrated in our view.

I choose:

  • VMName
  • CPUConfig
  • MemConfig
  • Cluster
  • Host
  • ResourcePool
  • Folder
  • DiskSize
  • Datastore
  • Network
  • IPAddress

After we have chosen the values, you can save the view

Give a Name for the view, I chose “MyView” as name.

After that, we are finished with the SQL DB.

Now we can start with the development of our website. First, we want to change the name for the Headline. Just click on the Headline and then change the text in the caption field to the right.

I change the name to Little CMDB. Then we go to the Model Tab and click on it.

The Menu on the right site changes and you see the structure of the project. This project has different layers. I will not explain here, how to setup the AD Authentication. For that, and if you want to know more about the different layers, go to my LDAP/vCO/WaveMaker post:

We want to work in the “vCO_Tasks” Layer, so just click on that and you are there.