Generate VMs based on load with vCO and vCAC

You do remember my video with the topic „Generate VMs based on actual load in a Resource Pool” (http://www.vcoportal.de/2012/11/generate-vms-based-on-actual-load-in-a-resource-pool/)?

In that video I showed a vCO workflow which provisioned new VMs when the load on a specific Resource Pools reached a defined Value. When the load was decreased, the VMs were thrown away. In this video, I worked on a simple vCenter Server base. A colleague of mine, Carsten Schäfer, took my Workflow and modified it to work with vCAC.  They changed the workflow so, that virtual machines will not provisioned as a “Single” VM, instead he used the add components function to deploy them to an existing Multi-Machine Service.

Oh yeah, one might call it some first PoC for auto-scaling in vCAC (yep, that’s just for the robots :mrgreen: )

Here is the video:

As I found great stuff 😉