Updating the vCenter Orchestrator Appliance to 4.2.1

Note to myself: RTFM!!! RTFM!!! RTFM!!!!

What happend?
I tried to update my vCO Appliance to the current Version 4.2.1 using the built-in update-feature (that’s what we have an appliance for). It stucked with the screen “Installing vCO Appliance – Build 612841, please wait…”, and the vCO service was not running anymore. Even a reboot of the appliance didn’t bring the service up again.

To save you this troubleshooting time:
This behaviour is not really expected, but documented in the Known Issues-Section of the vCenter Orchestrator 4.2.1 Release Notes

Therefore, the complete process to

Update the vCO Appliance to version 4.2.1

1. Login to the Appliance Configuration page

2. Start the Update in the “Update“-Tab

3. Leave the Update-Tab open, and oen a new browser tab with the Orchestrator Configuration, goto Database, confirm that there is a problem 🙂 (“Mismatching database version”)


4. On the top of the Database-Section, click to “Update

5. Start the vCO Service in Startup Options

6. Confirm in Appliance Configuration / Update-Tab the new vCO version

7. Orchestrate again!