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Get Service!

You have an idea, WHAT you want to do with the Orchestrator, but no idea, HOW?
Or do you need an idea, what’s possible with the Orchestrator, and what use-cases for your environment are thinkable?
Or are you a service provider, and want to discuss which role in the Orchestra you can play for your customer?
For all of that, you can ask…
  • … me 🙂 (mail to [email protected]. Other contact information with this Form.)
  • … your Technical Account Manager, if you are a member of VMware’s TAM-program
  • … a VMware Sales Rep. to get a quote for a VMware Professional Services Engagement

Get trained!

Unfortunately VMware currently does not offer a training about Workflow Development in Orchestrator.
VMware Education offers a training for Workflow Developer:
VMware vCenter Orchestrator: Develop Workflows

The course is designed for people new to vCO, it starts with Install & Config, important Orchestrator Basics and the Workflow Development Methodology. After that the “real Orchestration-Power” is touched (at least a part of it, limited to the 3-day timeframe 🙂 ) by starting to integrate vCO with external systems.

Besides the theoretical part there is a lot of lab time (50-70%), with realistic tasks & workflows taken from real admin-life. The packaging chapter at the end allows you to export your work from the labs and take it home.

More details here:

If you want a customized workshop, which fits exactly to your needs, contact your VMware sales rep, or the Education team:
You can also contact me, I can put you in contact with the right person at VMware (and maybe deliver the workshop  😎 ).

Orchestrator Plugins

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Experimental Plugins:

VMTN Orchestrator Communities

vSphere API

API Reference-Documentation:
(also included in the SDK-Download Package for faster and offline access)



Video collection  on

My vCO videos on vimeo:

Lots of interesting videos for VMware developer, not only about Orchestrator

vmwaretv on youtube:


Workflow Development Best Practices – Session @vmworld 2011 Las Vegas

(quite old in IT-measuring, but still valid mostly): Orchestrator APIs