Using Onyx to speed-up Workflow development

In the VMTN Community Forums for Orchestrator recently one question came up:

“…how to use orchestrator to change the Video Card Setting of a VM to “Auto-detect settings” the next time the VM reboots?” (read the full thread here:

That is a typical task for a workflow developer: Automate something you can easily click in vSphere Client, but it maybe hard to figure out, how to automate it.

ONYX to the rescue!

See this video how to get to the solution in less than 15 minutes  :-D… (You can download the resulting workflow below, but that shouldn’t be necessary anymore 😛 !)

It’s a quick shot screencast, so no audio….

If you like the style, drop me a comment, and I will create more videos (with explanations  😎 ) in future!

Change VM Video Settings Workflow
Change VM Video Settings Workflow
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