VMware Realize Orchestrator OVF Transfer Plug-In Version 3 released

I am pleased to announce a new Version of the popular OVF Transfer Plugin. The new mayor release Version is 3. My colleague Sascha Bitzer made a lot of Improvements for the plugin.

In this version we include some bugfixes and also new feature. Here are some Highlights:

The OVA/F Transfer plug-in allows you to import and export virtual machines as OVF/OVA template to/from the VMware vCenter via the VMware vCenter/vRealize Orchestrator.

This plug-in provides actions and workflows to use the OVF/A functionalities directly in

your own workflows. It also supports the automated creation of OVF/A Import Workflows, based on provided ovf/ova files.

Nowadays this plugin also supports new features like vRA-Integration, Authentication and simple File upload



This plug-in includes amongst others following features:

  • [Export] Export of virtual machines as OVF templates
  • [Import] Import of virtual machines as OVF or OVA templates
  • [Import] Automated creation of Import workflows based on OVF/A
  • [Import] Support for vSS and vDS PortGroups
  • [Import] Support for multiple vNics
  • [Import] Support for OVF properties and Deployment Options, e.g. used for virtual appliance imports
  • [Import/Export] Supported sources/destinations: Locale file, HTTP, HTTPS,FTP, CIFS
  • [Import] Import OVF/A using vCAC/vRA – Service Blueprint
  • [Import/Export] Support for Basic and Digest authentication
  • [Import] Upload of any file to datastore (e.g. ISO)



This plug-in contains two ready to use workflows for importing and exporting virtual machines. It also contains one workflow for extracting and displaying all available OVF

properties usable for the import workflow. For a wizard like experience there is also a workflow for an automated generation of import workflows based on the provided

OVF/A files. This automatically generated workflow will contain all input parameters and options for the given OVF/a file. In addition to those workflows you will now find

two new workflows. The first one is used to upload any kind of file to a target datastore.

This workflow can therefore be used to manage the upload of ISO files/images. The second workflow enables you to integrate the process of importing an OVF/A into your

vRA environment. Now it’s possible to import OVF/A directly with vRA. You can find those workflows in the Workflows folder: SVA/OvaTransfer



The Plugin can be found at the VMware Solution Exchange. Here is the URL:



Have fun and orchestrate the World 😉