New Version of OVF Transfer Plugin for vCO released

After a long time of development I am pleased to announce the availability of the New Version of the OVF Transfer Plugin. We reviewed the whole code of the old Plugin and rewrote it. With this Version we also improved the available feature.  The Plugin Description reads as flowing:

The OVA/F Transfer plug-in allows you to import and export virtual machines as OVF/OVA template to/from the VMware vCenter via the VMware vCenter/vRealize Orchestrator.

This plug-in provides actions and workflows to use the OVF/A functionalities directly in your own workflows.

Here are some functions of the new Plugin:

This plug-in includes amongst others following features:

  • [Export]  Export of virtual machines as OVF templates
  • [Import]  Import of virtual machines as OVF or OVA templates
  • [Import]  Support for vSS and vDS PortGroups
  • [Import]  Support for multiple vNics
  • [Import]  Support for OVF properties, e.g. used for virtual appliance imports
  • [Import/Export] Supported sources/destinations: Locale file, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, CIFS

We included a lot of new functions which some of you required and fixed all Bugs which were reported.

For this Plugin the following types of sources are supported:

–       Local file (local means on vCO Server e.g. vCO appliance or vCO Windows installable)

–       HTTP, HTTPS

–       FTP

CIFS/Network Share (only with vCO Windows installable version

The Plugin is available at the VMware Solution Exchange  and is free of charge.

Many thanks to my colleague Sascha Bitzer who wrote and maintains the Plugin!