Backup vCloud Director vApps automatically, driven by vCO

This video shows another example how powerful vCenter Orchestrator really is:

Auto-Create a new Backup Job, whenever a new vApp is deployed in vCloud Director

vCloud Director Backup driven by vCenter Orchestrator from Joerg Lew on Vimeo.

For that I used the AMQP-Plugin, so that the “Create VM“-Event in vCD triggers the Generate Backup Job-Workflow. This workflow calls out to a Powershell-Script to create a new Backup Job using the vendor’s snapin. I used Veeam Backup&Recovery, because they provide a lot of helpful Cmdlets to automate their backup solution.

What to learn?

  • For vCloud Administrators: vCO allows you to integrate vCD with the rest of your IT-world
  • For Backup Vendors: Provide a Plugin for vCO (or at least a basic API), and your customer can integrate your backup product with the rest of their IT-world.
    (Then you don’t even have to develop the integration for vCloud Director from scratch 😉 )
  • For every VMware User: Even without vCloud Director you can use vCO for a lot of cool stuff to integrate your IT-world (what about to create a new Backup Job whenever anybody deploys a Template in vCenter…?)
  • For all: Be creative! Everything is possible with vCO!

References (in case I kicked your mind :mrgreen:)