vCO Input Presentation

Last week I received a customer question regarding a vCO input presentation. The customer has a vCO Server were multiple vCenter Servers are connected. For his environment, he created a workflow were users are asked to give some information. Based on this information the view should be restricted.

First thing the customer had, was a Variable from type VC:SDKConnection. This is used to choose the correct vCenter Server.

When you start a vCO Client with this, you can pick the right vCenter Server for your need.

The next thing what should be archived was the possibility, to pick an ESX Host from that vCenter Server. As I looked into the customer configuration I saw that there was a  created  “Select value as” and “Specify a root object to be shown…:”

With this config the view was not as the customer was expecting it. When the user came to the point to  choose an ESX Host, the users saw all ESX Server from the hosts.

This is really uncool…..

So how can we fix this behavior?

That’s pretty easy…..

Let’s go back to the Workflow. There we choose the Presentation pane and the input. Then we change the  “Specify a root object….”

Here we change the Value over the Pen (in this case) to #vCenterServer.

When we now save the workflow and start it again wen only see the Hosts / vCenter Server to which we limited the view.

Easy or?

One important note here: The limitation of the View works only with the “Select value as” tree. It doesn’t work for the other views!

So have fun and orchestrate the World!