vCO integration with VMware View

Just that you do not miss it: @cloudnutz postet a great example how to leverage the Powershell plugin to call VMware View PowerCLI cmdlets from vCO Workflows:

Find the original post also on

And don’t miss some (unofficial, but don’t blame me (this time 😳 ) πŸ˜› ) additional PowerCLI cmdlets for VMware View:

And Dear VMware View Team: Please give us a full (and documented) (and official) API!

Or even better: What about a View-Plugin for vCO?
I know a lot of customer having use-cases for it (and a lot of people having to use workarounds like this for now). Desktop-as-a-Service and Cloud Desktops need Orchestration (just to add the buzzwords for the robots 😈 )