4 (in words: FOUR) new Plugins for vCenter Orchestrator released

Last Friday VMware released FOUR new Plugins for vCO (read from the source here: http://blogs.vmware.com/orchestrator/2011/12/vmware-releases-four-new-vmware-vcenter-orchestrator-plug-ins.html )

  • The SQL Plugin makes it possible to access external Databases within workflows (in a much more comfortable and reusable way than the already existing plain JDBC-calls)
  • The Auto Deploy Plugin automates the new vSphere 5 Auto Deploy mechanism, which absolutely makes sence to orchestrator the deployment of ESXi hosts.
  • The vCO Multi Site Plugin allows you synchronize, execute and monitor Workflows on other vCO-hosts (this also was possible in the past via the “Nested Workflows”-Element, but now its murch more powerful and flexible). There are several use-cases for this, expect a more detailed blogentry here soon 😀
  • The PowerShell Plugin allows you to call external PowerShell Scripts on other systems, via OpenSSH or WinRM. The plugin also implements a “piping” methodology in your workflows, so if you’re familiar with PowerShell, you can build workflows in a comparable way. Calling external PowerShell scripts is very powerful, and was also available in the past (see http://www.vcoportal.de/powersshell-plugin/ and http://www.vcoportal.de/2011/03/vco-powershell/ ).
    You may ask, what’s the difference and overlapping points between VMware’s PowerShell Plugin and my PowerSSHell-Plugin for vCO… expect more details about this soon as well :mrgreen:

So, the list of available plugins for vCO gets longer and longer, it seems VMware is on the right way to establish a good ecosystem around vCO…