PowerShell & vCO: Roadmap for next version of PowerSSHell-Plugin

In August I released the first technical preview of my PowerSSHell-Plugin for vCO, which allows you to run Powershell-Commands directly from within workflows.

For the next version (release date: soon  :mrgreen:) I plan following updates:

  • More Examples (Workflows & Actions) in the Package
  • Documentation (what’s this?)
  • Authentication via Public-Key

Support for Queueing Powershell-Commands to a certain server and maintaining a single connection (this fits to the updated Personal License for the necessary PowerShell Server)

For more information and the download óf the current version, visit http://www.vcoportal.de/powersshell-plugin/

If you have some further ideas, feature requests or found some bugs, join the discussion on http://getsatisfaction.com/vcoportal!

If you need to buy some powershell-inside licences, contact me for a discount voucher!