ApiWiz has left the building…

In his Blog post “Moving on…” Steve Jin (@sjin2008), vSphere API Wizard, author of THE book about vSphere API, creator of the opensource vSphere Toolkit for Java, announced that he has left VMware to “explore new opportunities”.

Steve did a great job evangelizing the API, and published really cool stuff on his blog which helps people to get-started and to dig-deep into the API. His blog also contains a lot of good read besides the deep coding stuff, my personal favourites:

I will continue to recommend his book to everybody who wants to automate vSphere, regardless which toolkit or programming language you use (among other things because it’s the only public source for UML-charts of the vSphere API data model (@vSphere API-Documentation team: read this! :-P) ).

Steve, thank you very much for all the help and the nice chats! Good luck for the future, and enjoy your “new super fast desktop”!