New PowerShell Server v5 provides GREAT improvements for PowerSSHell-Plugin

PowerShellInside released a new version 5 of their PowerShell Server. It brings new features…

  • GSSAPI authentication (NTLM)
  • Support for SSH Tunneling
  • New Licensing Options – Easier to manage licensing based on the maximum number of connections.
  • Upgraded FREE Personal Edition – Now with the ability to run as a service and on server operating systems.
  • SCP Secure File Transfer

… and a new licensing model, based on concurrent connections.

This is really GREAT NEWS for the PowerSSHell-Plugin for vCO, because it provides fair licensing for the Orchestrator use-cases.

Impacts for the Plugin:

  • The current version works well with PowerShell Server v5!
  • New features of the server are not represented in the plugin yet.
  • The FREE Personal Edition might fit for your needs now: Because it can run on a Server-OS, as Service, with no limitation to the logged-in user for some Use-Cases this is enough!

The new release adds a bunch of new ideas to the roadmap, so not only stay tuned, but participate on the discussion on!

Meanwhile: I can provide you a 20%-Discount Voucher for PowerShell Server-Licenses! If you’re interested, contact me!