Content, content, content: VMware releases new and updated old Plugins for vCO

A lot of things are going on around vCenter Orchestrator: A new training is availableCody’s book comes closer and closer, the Orchestrator gets more and more buzz in Reference Architecture Guides, and VMware publishes more and more plugins and a new documentation page. However, not only new stuff like the vCenter 5.0 plugin and the SNMP-Plugin is released, there are also some minor updates on older Plugins:

  • ActiveDirectory-Plugin Version 1.0.1 fixes an issue with a null pointer exception
  • UCS-Plugin 1.0.2 allows https-connections to the UCS Manager
  • vCloud Director-Plugin 1.0.2 fixed some issues, and includes the package with the Sample-Workflows

In the past it was not easy to find all that stuff on VMware’s homepage, but now there is the new Orchestrator Plugin Documentation Portal which also contains links to the downloads and release notes. Let’s hope the Techdoc-Team keeps this updated as the central resource point for vCO-Plugins.

The Orchestrator Documentation itself has been switched to the new system, too. This means, the docs are available for mobile ebook-readers as well. Amazing!
And the structure of the docs has slighty changed: The Developer Guide (more than 300 pages) has been split into the workflow development part, the WebService Client part and the Webviews part.

From a first view, there was no big change in the content (what also was not expected, because vCO get only a Minor Release in vSphere 5 yet).

Same affects the Examples-Package 4.2, only change is the year in the copyright section of the readme.txt :mrgreen: