Fix missing Schema Chart in weboperator-Webview

When using the bundled weboperator-Webview for vCO, current 4.x-versions have a known issue not showing the workflow chart in the schema tab of the webview:

The reason for this is that the installer of the Orchestrator miss to copy some library-files to the proper folder. I first ran into this issue a year ago, and got the solution from VMware support, in the meantime there is an KB article 1029685 about it:

The solution is to copy two library jars from the client installation to the server’s lib folder:

As a workaround, copy 2 .jar files from the Client installation to the server installation.
If you have performed a Client/Server installation:
1. Copy o11n-application.jar and o11n-gui.jar from the directory $INSTALL_DIR/apps/lib/ to the $INSTALL_DIR/app-server/server/vmo/lib/o11n/ directory
2. Restart the VMware vCenter Orchestrator Server.
Note: If you have the VMware vCenter Orchestrator Client installed on a different machine than the Orchestrator Server, you have to copy the same files from the client installation machine to the server machine using the above steps.

The default lib-directory of the vCO-client is C:\Program Files\VMware\Orchestrator\apps\lib, so after copying the files it should look like:

After a restart of the Orchestrator server you should see your Workflow Schema as a chart: